2010 International Track 100

Rank: 22   World Trade Group

Holds summits, conferences, exhibitions and webinars in Europe and North America

This business organises large-scale conferences and online events where suppliers can meet buyers for their products. World Trade Group serves clients in sectors such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and human resources. Face-to-face meetings are organised to run alongside the main event in host cities such as Frankfurt, San Diego and Boston. Half its employees are sales staff who ring all those attending to ensure that suppliers and delegates meet the right people. With clients such as PepsiCo in Europe and North America, international sales have grown 99% a year from 2.7m in 2007 to 10.5m in 2009.

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Company facts

World Trade Group
Events organiser
Company website

2-yr av int'l sales growth
99.11% pa
2009 intl sales10.5m
2007 intl sales2.7m
2009 staff226
Location of HQCentral London
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= draft accounts