The 14th Sunday Times Top Track 100 league table supplement was published on 7 June 2015, with title sponsor HSBC.

The Sunday Times HSBC Top Track 100 ranks Britain's private companies with the biggest sales, ranging from 18bn to 628m. The companies' combined turnover is 178bn, 2% higher than the year before. Profits grew 7% to reach 18bn, although combined debt is high at 87bn.

Ineos, the chemicals manufacturer, tops the table with sales of 18bn in the year to December 2014.

Many household names have featured on the league table for all 14 years it has been published, such as JCB, Virgin Atlantic and John Lewis Partnership. During that time, combined sales have grown 2.5 times and staff numbers are up by a third to 920,000.

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The 2016 Sunday Times HSBC Top Track 100 league table will be published next June.

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