Fast Track 100

The Sunday Times Virgin Fast Track 100 league table ranks Britain’s 100 private companies with the fastest-growing sales over their latest three years.

It is compiled by Fast Track and published in The Sunday Times each December, with an awards event the following May, and alumni dinners during the year.

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Fast Track 100 entry criteria

The closing date for nominations for the 2017 league table is 29 September, with publication on 3 December.

Non-tech companies

  • UK registered, unquoted, and not subsidiaries
  • Sales of at least £250,000 in the base year (2013 or 2014)
  • Sales of at least £5m in the latest year (2016 or 2017)
  • Ten or more employees in the latest year (2016 or 2017)
  • Operating profit of at least £500k in the latest year (2016 or 2017)
  • Year-on-year sales growth in the latest year from 2015 to 2016, or 2016 or 2017, plus forecast (or actual) sales growth
  • Trading weeks in the base and latest years have to exceed 25
  • Recruitment firms, payroll services providers and media agencies are required to have gross profits of at least £5m. Sales for recruitment and payroll firms are the total amount invoiced to clients; media agencies’ sales are net of advertising spend on behalf of clients
  • Companies that do not meet all the criteria can still be considered for our Ones to Watch programme, particularly if they forecast good sales growth
  • Excluded companies include technology (which appear on Tech Track 100), LLPs, pure property and financial trading companies, and companies with sales of over £500m
  • We reserve the right to change the qualification criteria set out above and to make exceptions. This is not a competition; the compiler’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into


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Types of company

Total sales

£5m - £250m


up to £10m

Average 3 year sales growth

50% - 200% pa


10 - 2,000

Alumni success stories

Featured in 1997 with sales of £17m; floated in 1998 and recently sold to SoftBank for £24.4bn
First featured in 1997 with sales of £65m; agreed a £3.8bn merger with Dixons in 2014
First featured on Fast Track 100 in 2010 with sales of £305m; floated in 2014 and completed a $13bn merger with IHS in 2016