Fast Track 100

Founders and directors of past Fast Track 100 league table companies (published since 1997) are invited to a range of dinners for between 20 and 50 guests with a guest speaker, co-hosted by Fast Track and a sponsor.

These are held in London and the regions in prestigious venues such as The Metropolitan and Home House in London; Opus Restaurant and Malmaison in Birmingham, and Great John Street Hotel in Manchester.


James Butterfield Co-founder & managing director Chilly's Bottles
Alexia Inge Co-founder & chief executive Cult Beauty
Juliet Barratt Co-founder Grenade
Tom Joule Co-founder & chief brand officer Joules
Byron Dixon OBE Founder & chief executive Micro-Fresh
Alex Lovén Founder & managing director Net World Sports
Jemma Fennings Co-founder Olivia Burton
Tom Allsworth Co-founder & joint chief executive Revolution Beauty
Nick McEntyre Founder & managing director Ridgepoint Homes
Cecile Reinaud Founder & managing director Seraphine
Katy Leeson Managing Director, UK Social Chain
Susie Ma Founder & CEO Tropic Skincare

Past speakers

Sukh Chamdal, co-founder & MD, Eggfree Cake Box
Tom Blomfield, co-founder & president, Monzo
Al Barratt, co-founder & CEO, Grenade