SME Export Track 100

The fifth annual Sunday Times WorldFirst SME Export Track 100 awards dinner was held on 12 September 2019 at the Hilton Bankside Hotel in London. The 200+ guests included the founders, chairmen, CEOs and FDs of the 100 featured companies. The guest speakers were Adam Minto & Tom Allsworth, co-founders and CEOs of Revolution Beauty, and Al Barratt, co-founder & chief executive of Grenade. Each company received a certificate with their ranking, and sponsors presented a number of special awards.


Past guests

Bob James OBE Founder & chief executive AerFin
Tom Gearing Co-founder & managing director Cult Wines
Ed Salt Managing director Delamere Dairy
Paul Sulyok Co-founder & chief executive Green Man Gaming
Steve Hewitt Chief executive Gymshark
Steve Gandy Co-founder & chief executive Meetingzone
Titus Sharpe Co-founder & president MVF
James Vaughan Founder & chief executive Ndemic Creations
Christine Owen Co-founder & chief operating officer Plimsoll Productions
Cecile Reinaud Founder & managing director Seraphine
Claire Richardson Co-founder & director Superyacht Tender & Toys
Debbie Bestwick Founder & chief executive Team17

Past speakers

Adam Minto & Tom Allsworth, co-founders and CEOs, Revolution Beauty
Al Barratt, co-founder & chief executive, Grenade
Will Butler-Adams OBE, chief executive, Brompton