Tech Track 100

Green Tech to Watch / Ones to Watch

Fast Track researches and compiles two annual sub-tables, published in our Tech Track 100 supplement with The Sunday Times, featuring promising private British companies from a cross- section of industries that do not qualify for the main league tables but deserve special recognition. The Green Tech to Watch focuses on companies that are developing technology which helps mitigate or reverse the effects of human activity on the environment; the Ones to Watch features tech companies that are set to grow rapidly.

The 10 finalists for each programme are selected by a judging panel and are featured in our Sunday Times supplement. Their senior directors are also invited to the awards dinner, where they receive a certificate, with one overall winner presented with an award.

Green Tech to Watch

This is the inaugural year of our Green Tech to Watch. The programme highlights 10 companies that are developing technology to help mitigate or reverse the effects of human activity on the environment. The research takes into account factors such as scale and impact on the environment, business model, management team and investor credibility, as well as total funds raised. Our criteria include:

  • UK registered, unquoted, and not a subsidiary
  • Sales of £1m+ in the latest financial year; do not need to be in profit
  • Developing own patented technology

This year’s Green Tech to Watch will be judged by BGF and Fast Track, and published in the Tech Track 100 supplement in the Sunday Times on the 6 September. An overall winner will be presented with an award sponsored by BGF at the Tech Track 100 awards dinner in November.


Tech Track Ones to Watch

The Tech Track Ones to Watch showcases promising companies that do not meet the criteria of the Tech Track 100 league table, but have innovative technologies, and have either raised significant venture capital investment or are forecasting strong sales growth.

Company HQ location Year end Sales* £000s Forecast sales* £000s Staff Founded
10x Future TechnologiesBanking technology provider Central London Dec 18 18,608 50,000+ 150 2016
AdludioMobile advertising technology Central London Dec 18 4,888 8,688 41 2013
AttestConsumer survey platform Central London Nov 18 1,612 8,200 23 2015
GrabyoVideo editing platform developer Central London Dec 18 4,502 6,715 45 2013
MedopadMedical AI developer Central London Dec 18 †120 10,500 95 2011
Pure PlanetDigital-only energy supplier Bath Mar 19 85,083 175,000 60 2016
QuantexaData analytics provider Central London Mar 19 10,238 32,600 142 2016
SoPostOnline product sampling Newcastle upon Tyne Sep 18 3,445 6,000 19 2012
ThrivaHealthcheck technology developer Central London Oct 18 2,200 6,000 31 2015
ZencargoLogistics platform provider Central London Dec 18 4,362 13,049 20 2017

* sales and forecast sales provided by the companies

† Annualised